Let us take a moment to fill you in on what happens here at Grace Community church. We would love to see you any time you are able to join with us and appreciate your prayers for us as a fellowship of God’s people.

Grace Community Church met for the first time on the 1st of January 2012. We are a group of people who have many differences in personality, background and so on but who also have the following in common:


We have a deep longing to know God more and to serve Him more effectively in our communities as we grow spiritually through the Word of God (the Bible), prayer, worship, fellowship and obedience to His commands. We recognise that we are all completely undeserving of the love and care God has poured out on our lives but are so deeply grateful that He did! That’s Grace – and that is why we have the word ‘Grace’ in our name. There are also some who come along to Grace who wouldn’t call themselves ‘Christians’ but who are simply keen to look more into Jesus and the Bible at this stage in their lives in a non-judgmental environment and of course folk like that are always welcome.


We are an evangelical Church – in the sense that we firmly believe the message of the Bible to be God’s words to all people and to be absolutely true and we are therefore driven by a longing that all people would hear, understand and ultimately experience the life-transforming power of that message.


We are a congregation of the International Presbyterian Church.


We meet in the Kyle School building  (Directions) every Sunday morning at 11am. During the hour and a half or so we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to God – usually incorporating both traditional and contemporary praise items. Our times together also feature readings from the Bible, teaching which helps us to understand a Bible passage, prayers and a short message aimed at the children and young people who come along. There is an opportunity to give financially to the work of Grace Community Church and the various ministries we support but if you are planning to visit us please note that you are under no obligation to give anything.


After the service there is an opportunity to stay behind and have a cup of tea or coffee in a very friendly environment and also to ask about anything that may have come up in the teaching that you would like clarified or explained further. You are also invited to speak to any of the church leadership team if you would like someone to pray for you. On the first Sunday of each month we enjoy a bring-and-share lunch after the service and everyone is welcome to join us for lunch.


A large proportion of those attending Grace Community Church week by week are children and teenagers and we try our best to cater for them. Each Sunday there is a Sunday School and a Youth Group. The children and young people head out to their classes about half way through the morning service. There are also creche facilities available on Sunday mornings.