International Presbyterian Church


We believe the Bible teaches that our church should be part of something bigger than ourselves. We think that’s important. It’s also a way of expressing the unity of God’s people throughout the world, supporting one another in prayer, and being accountable to one another – we want to have others walking beside us so that if we go off track, they’re there to help us find the way again.


That’s why Grace Community Church is a congregation of the International Presbyterian Church.  The IPC was set up by Francis Schaeffer in the 1950s, and has seen significant growth in the last 15 years or so.  It has congregations in Scotland, England, continental Europe and South Korea. We greatly appreciate the support and fellowship that we’ve found in the denomination. For more information on the IPC, have a look at their website.


We are a presbyterian church.  That means that, as well as believing the gospel, we have a system to make sure that our leaders and churches continue to do so. Our church is led by elders who in turn are accountable to a larger group of elders – a presbytery – drawn from all the English-speaking IPC congregations in the UK. We also have deacons who take the lead in caring for the practical needs of the church fellowship.