Seeking God Or Hiding From Him?

January 2nd, 2014

  • My own testimony is of a personal God who reached down for me when I was in my 40’s having spent years drinking in increasing amounts making myself more ill and miserable. If any of us cries out in despair He hears us and He also responds to our need -He saved my life!

  • Like you Sheila, my testimony is one of God seeking me out in my mid 40s`. HE came and found me, drunk again, in a bar and not only helped me stop & stay stopped from drinking but SAVED my life that I might be SAVED for eternity. HE gave me a new life/a new mind that I could enjoy the time I have left here on earth with no fear of what the future or death might hold for me. Am I still hidding from GOD??…….sometimes the answer has to be ” yes, I still hide” (or try to) from God but thankfully HE has inplace, wonderful Godly people who are there to help and guide me [and others]. Testimonies are a great way of God reminding ourselves, and other, of who/what we were & what happened & how we can be now.
    Thank you Lord for reaching me,
    Thank you Lord for teaching me,
    the error of my ways.
    I ask you now to help me Lord
    to share with others how to praise
    the goodness of YOUR saving ways.


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